[Symfony 3] Configuration of custom path for your entities - mappings

This is good answer Whitch I can't found in last documentation. I think that Symfony 3 is not well for simply and quick start.


I will create Quick Start Tutorial for Symfony 3.

[Gentoo][Portage] Understood Gentoo Portage

A moment ago, I just tried to install meld on My gentoo on ThinkPad notebook at work. I've got one blocking package and one which was with conflict.

I decided to reinstall one of conflicting package from require list to install meld and portage repair all conflicts by update another package.

The problem of portage is that portage can't resolve conflicts by "Step by Step" and can't reorder package to install when conflicts was found.

But is a liitle, tiny, and trival problem, becouse the power of resolving conflicts is assined to gentoo user :D

[The Witcher: Wild Hunt Cheats]

additem ('NGP Wolf School silver sword x')
additem ('NGP Wolf School steel sword x')
additem ('NGP Wolf Pants x')
additem ('NGP Wolf Boots x')
additem ('NGP Wolf Gloves x')
additem ('NGP Wolf Armor x')

[Nexus 6] Unroot & install OTA update & re-root

# Install ADB and Fastboot tools in your OS
# Download current (YOUR INSTALLED VERSION) factory image from Google Nexus Factory Images
# Extract this archive:
 user@localhost /path/to/download/directory/ $ tar zxvf shamu-{version like: mmb29q}-factory-3bbc7e8b.tgz
# We will get ZIP file called image-shamu-{version like: mmb29q}.zip 
# in /path/to/download/directory/shamu-{version like: mmb29q}/ directory
# Change the directory:
 user@localhost /path/to/download/directory/ $ cd shamu-{version like: mmb29q}
# Extract this archive:
 user@localhost /path/to/download/directory/shamu-{version like: mmb29q}/ $ unzip image-shamu-{version like: mmb29q}.zip  
# All below files was extrated to /path/to/download/directory/shamu-{version like: mmb29q}/ 


# after that run below commands carefully 
 adb reboot bootloader
 fastboot flash boot boot.img
 fastboot reboot-bootloader
 fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
 fastboot reboot-bootloader
 fastboot flash system system.img
 fastboot reboot-bootloader
# after that reboot device and install OTA Update