[SOLVED] : command not found19: :Qkbq - An annoying error log when you change state of service

I am writing for more information about error log looks like this:

: command not found19: :Qkbq

If you are changing a state of service in "/etc/init.d/..." like this:
/etc/init.d/net.wlan0 start
/etc/init.d/net.eth0 restart
/etc/init.d/postfix pause
/etc/init.d/postfix status
etc. etc. etc.

You can see this error log. If you want to know how to solve this problem you
can follow this:
The main problem is in "/etc/rc.conf". The high probability is in ones of line
of this files looks like command name i.ex. "Qkbq". Next you should comment
this line or delete bad line from this file.


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