[SOLVED] Firefox & Flash & other plugins installed by unpacking

[Gentoo ~x86]
When you try install firefox form portage like this:
user@host# emerge [YOUR FAVOURITE OPTIONS] firefox
Probably you can see something like this:
These are the packages that would be merged, in order:

Calculating dependencies ... done!
[ebuild N ] www-client/firefox-3.6.17 USE="alsa dbus ipc -bindist -custom-cflags -custom-optimization -debug -gnome -java -libnotify -startup-notification -system-sqlite -wifi" LINGUAS="pl -af -ar -as -be -bg -bn -bn_BD -bn_IN -ca -cs -cy -da -de -el -en -en_GB -en_US -eo -es -es_AR -es_CL -es_ES -es_MX -et -eu -fa -fi -fr -fy -fy_NL -ga -ga_IE -gl -gu -gu_IN -he -hi -hi_IN -hr -hu -id -is -it -ja -ka -kk -kn -ko -ku -lt -lv -mk -ml -mr -nb -nb_NO -nl -nn -nn_NO -oc -or -pa -pa_IN -pt -pt_BR -pt_PT -rm -ro -ru -si -sk -sl -sq -sr -sv -sv_SE -ta -ta_LK -te -th -tr -uk -vi -zh_CN -zh_TW" 0 kB

Total: 1 package (1 new), Size of downloads: 0 kB

Would you like to merge these packages? [Yes/No]
This version is older than actual version but when You download firefox from http://www.mozilla.org/. After unpacked you have to do this:
ln -s /usr/lib/nsbrowser/plugins [your-path-to-unpucked-firefox]/plugins
After that your FF is installed with plugins.

4 komentarze:

  1. Thats is quite wrong. All you need is to unmask lastest keyworded firefox. You can check all available versions:

    ~$ equery list -p firefox
    * Searching for firefox ...
    [-P-] [ -] www-client/firefox-3.6.12:0
    [-P-] [ ] www-client/firefox-3.6.17:0
    [-P-] [ ~] www-client/firefox-3.6.18:0
    [-P-] [ ~] www-client/firefox-3.6.20:0
    [-P-] [ ~] www-client/firefox-6.0:0
    (output may differ a little)

    And later for example to unmask all available versions with:

    echo www-client/firefox ~x86 >> /etc/portage/packages.keywords

    and now - happy emerging ;)

  2. I'm not shure... I will try to apply your solution. Thanks for different way.
    Ok. but before version 6.0 version 5.0 don't want to install on my notebook, because when I unmaskd with keywords and use all dependecies and FF. A saw a lot of problems. It was hard to install FF 5.0. I decided to download this.

  3. m'kay, today I needed your way and I turned back to your entry to take a look. I would like to point out, that on 64-bit OS, you must link from /usr/lib32/nsbro... instead of /usr/lib/nsbro...