[VBA] Excel user-defined functions - Your own help for your fuctions

I would like to describe a problem which concerns writing your own functions called "user-defined functions". In My opinion the most important thing for engeneer computer programmer is a writing not only same code but also documentation.
Today I had case that my manager wanted to find some function in Excel which compare values. We knew that Excel have a function Find.Vertical(...) or something of that kind, but this function is very limited. Few months ago I wrote some functions in VBA in Excel to expedite my own work and I wrote a description before declaration of function. Everything would be great but the problem is that I know where I wrote a description, but anyone other might not know. I decided to find a solve in Google searcher but a lot of idea was wrong and not working. I read one of them and I try it step-by-step and I discover one important field...

When you wrote your own functions in VBA and You'd like to use it by "Function window" you may see something like this:

Or in Polish:

How to solve it?

You need to open a VB window and open a properties of Your module in your own functions and choose HELP FILE !

Window looks like this:

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