[ Solved ] Gentoo Linux Dolphin Explorer with Trash

After install (by emerge) Dolphin Explorer we have no Trash, because default Dolphin's package in portage is not relative to other package which contains Trash protocol.
The solution is to:
emerge [-av] kdebase-kioslaves
Close all dolphins explorers and run it again.

Enjoy yourself!

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  1. 'emerge', not 'emerege' ;) To be honest - Trash protocol (and in general, the concept of 'trash bin') is quite lame in its foundations, because its about moving files. If your'e on na USB stick and just delete files - they are still here, but in additional, hidden directory, and you must remeber each time if you want to trash something, or delete permanently (ctrl+del).

    What kdebase-kioslaves is really useful is the 'fish' and 'smb' protocols (ssh and samba, respectively)

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